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  1. Peter Liversidge. I propose to drop 100 pounds... 2014

    Peter Liversidge. I propose to drop 100 pounds... 2014


As a not-for-profit company that receives no regular revenue funding, Foreground must raise 100% of its operating and commissioning costs through fundraising and earned income.

Foreground raises money from public sector funds, charitable trusts, corporate sponsorship and individual giving and we also earn a significant amount of our income from consultancy.

We keep our overheads low, run a small team of highly committed staff and ring the best value out of every penny we receive. We create opportunities to create new work and inspire people to support our projects in whatever way they can whether that is through giving money, services or time and through this build a community of supporters we treat as equally important whether their contribution is big or small.

With your support we can continue to develop our ambitious program of commissioning temporary and permanent artworks, innovative learning opportunities and place making.