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  1. Heather Morison working on ideas with pupils at Bishop Road School

    Heather Morison working on ideas with pupils at Bishop Road School


Foreground’s approach to commissioning works for Primary/Bristol builds on a curatorial approach developed through previous commissioning in the social as well as physical structures of communities.

This approach is based on viewing social communities as artistic collaborators combined with an equal commitment to the creative reinvention of everyday situations.

Across the schools within Foreground’s Primary/Bristol commissions there are rich differences in community, ethos, space and history. Responding to these specificities directly influences the artists appointed, how the commissions evolve, and how and when the communities of each school are involved in the commissioning process.

Pupils and teachers have provided a rich resource of research and reference, have worked as collaborators on the development of concepts and content for the commissions with the artists, and in other commissions will perform rituals and activities regularly within the schools’ teaching and social structures that will bring the artworks to life.

Our ambition for Primary/Bristol is that through their specificity and their imagination the commissions may genuinely affect the learning ecology or social environment of the schools. In doing so we hope to create a direct and meaningful connection to culture for very young audiences in their daily lives. Stealing most of our ideas from the children and the teachers that guide them seemed like a good place to start that process…

More information on the Primary/Bristol programme and artist commissions can be found here.