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  1. The Frome Independent, Night School

    The Frome Independent, Night School

Night School

The Frome Independent’s campaign to celebrate the quality and distinctiveness of contemporary makers has deepened with the introduction of the Night School programme.

Launched in 2017, Night School is a platform to encourage and nurture the learning of contemporary craft skills and food processes. From blacksmithing to book-binding, printing to preserving, the programme welcomes people with no previous experience to try their hand at exploring a new skill under the expert guidance of The Frome Independent’s regular makers.

We believe the sharing of expertise and ideas is essential in creating vibrant social communities. Night School draws on the knowledge of leading designers, craftspeople and food producers and their passion to share their skills with others to create a supportive, social learning community that will develop and grow throughout the year.

Night School sessions are delivered in partnership with Forward Space and take place at The Old Church School’s event space in Frome. More information on specific Night School courses and their availability can be found here.