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  1. Claire Fontaine. Capitalism Kills Love, 2012

    Claire Fontaine. Capitalism Kills Love, 2012

Foreground Director Simon Morrissey to speak at Council for Higher Education in Art and Design annual conference

Foreground Director Simon Morrissey will speak at this year’s Council for Higher Education in Art and Design 2016 (CHEAD) conference. Using the theme of Art School – Location – Agency as a point of departure, the conference aims to explore visions that can influence the social and economic dynamics of regional art schools and their communities.

Regional universities, including art schools, are often a significant employer in their areas that support their graduates who base themselves locally and the communities of practitioners they form, having considerable impact on the economic wealth, social well-being and cultural activities of their locale.

Entitled Middle of Nowhere, Centre of Everywhere Simon’s presentation will discuss Foreground’s emergence in a rural market town and the way this has formed Foreground’s commitment to commissioning new temporary and permanent artworks in the diverse social and physical structures of communities and the way in which place influences practice.

The conference takes place between March 16th – 19th 2016.

More information can be found here