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Explore the Middle of Nowhere, Centre of Everywhere Seminar at Jamboree 2018

Jamboree, a national gathering of artists and curators taking place between 28th June and 1st July, provides the first opportunity to hear Foreground Director Simon Morrissey discuss how to turn the Middle of Nowhere into the Centre of Everywhere.

Organised by artists Low Profile and set on the Darlington Estate near Totnes, Devon, Jamboree will bring together 150 visual artists, curators & programmers from around the UK. Drawing on both expert-led sessions and peer-to-peer activity Jamboree will create a vibrant weekend of networking and inspiring activity designed to build new relationships and make connections that lead to new projects.

Foreground Director Simon Morrissey will be one of five experts at Jamboree 2018 conducting seminars focussed on helping artists, curators and programmers develop their practices and careers through overcoming the barriers of money, geography and time.

Simon’s seminar will explore the dichotomy between what are considered the ‘centres’ and ‘peripheries’ within the art world and how these hierarchies influence everything from funding to cultural provision and the ecology of ideas.

The seminar will look at a simple but radical idea: how do we turn the ‘middle of nowhere’ (the dull town you grew up in, the small town you now raise your kids in) into the ‘centre of everywhere’? How do we kindle ambition, quality and criticality where we chose to live, no matter how ordinary, no matter what the apparent disadvantages?

Other seminar leaders include Alistair Hudson (Director of The Whitworth, Manchester), Celine Condorelli (Artist and Professor at Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti), Emily Speed (Artist) and Ingrid Swenson (Director of PEER, London).

More information on Jamboree 2018 can be found here.