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  1. Kit Poulson. Slouching towards Vitebsk, 2012

    Kit Poulson. Slouching towards Vitebsk, 2012

Chester Park Junior School
Kit Poulson

Commissioned by Foreground as part of Bristol City Council’s Primary/Bristol series of artist commissions for primary schools, Kit Poulson will make a new work for Chester Park Junior School in 2017.

Poulson will work into the broader design of the new school building but a major outcome of Poulson’s engagement with the school will be a monumental new painting for the double height central atrium of Chester Park Junior School. The central atrium is both an active learning environment housing the school’s library provision, a social space and the hub around which all the school’s classrooms are orientated. Poulson’s painting will dominate this space figuratively and literally placing art at the heart of the school.

This project has been commissioned and funded by Bristol City Council as part of the Primary Capital Education Programme. The work will be permanently housed at Chester Park Junior School, Bristol.