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  1. Kit Poulson. Silbersee, 2015

    Kit Poulson. Silbersee, 2015

Kit Poulson

For Kit Poulson, painting combines a complex history of ideas with an-ever present, immediate sense of re-invention – a site of radical possibility.

Created through the execution of separate painting episodes on the same canvas, Poulson’s paintings are often visually complex, physically dynamic presences that at once suggest representational relationships – landscape, figure, interior, event – but become overloaded, almost collapsing under the abstract weight of paint itself.

Poulson says he is ‘not in any sense an abstract painter, rather one who allows multiple hints of representation to lay over each other, alongside quotations and salutes to other artist’s works.’ His paintings exist in explicit dialogue with his interests in experimental fiction and music and his works in writing and sound expand the narrative and psychological landscape of his work into territory that is at once recognisable but distinctly otherworldly.