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  1. Inventory. Evacuate London, 2012

    Inventory. Evacuate London, 2012


Inventory was founded as a collective enterprise intent on carving out an interdisciplinary space from which to put forward a theoretical and practical notion of what the group called a ‘fierce sociology’.

Inventory argue that if art has significance, then it exists at that perishable point where it relentlessly intervenes within the existing social order, attempting to criticise and transform our preconceptions. Their position is essentially polemical, arguing that they are pursuing a desire for permanent revolution, whereby art adds its voice to the wider collective call to transform life as it is currently suffered. Arguing for a true rebalancing of our ideas of work, art and life, the group imagine a time and space when the idea of ‘creative labour’ as separate to other activity, when the concept of art itself, will no longer have to be tolerated, and will cease to exist.