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  1. Graham Fagen. For St. Agnes, 2010

    Graham Fagen. For St. Agnes, 2010

Graham Fagen

There is an inherent diversity and openness in Graham Fagen’s artistic and conceptual approach. He works in sculpture, drawing, photography, filmmaking, writing and text, neon, installation and performance.

Whether made for a gallery or in the public realm, Fagen’s works are frequently developed over time, involving the collaboration and participation of others. A significant strand in his work has been the use of theatrical strategies, from his early work Peek-A-Jobby (1998) to his significant cross-disciplinary collaborations with leading Scottish theatre director Graham Eatough, which deconstruct the processes of staging and filmmaking.

Fagen’s points of departure include slavery, the cultural influences of music, nature and the symbolic power of flowers, as well as the impact of urban planning and regeneration. Although his works draw on varied references and embrace all manner of materials and media, they all, in some way, touch on the role of society, history and cultural turning points in the lives of both individuals and communities.