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  1. Daphne Wright, Still Life - Sprout, 2015.

    Daphne Wright, Still Life - Sprout, 2015.

  2. Daphne Wright. Home Ornaments, 2002-2005

    Daphne Wright. Home Ornaments, 2002-2005

Daphne Wright

Daphne Wright’s work manoeuvres familiar things into well-wrought but delicate doubt. Using a wide range of materials – plaster, tinfoil, video, printmaking, found objects and performance – she creates worlds that are both beautiful and strange, creating a threshold to somewhere new.

Wright has made a number of innovative public works in a public context, most notably Home Ornaments, 2002-2005. Home Ornaments is the collective name for a group of objects presented to individual owners of new flats built during the redevelopment of the Gorbals in Glasgow. The artist’s research for the commission included conversations and interviews with long-standing residents of the area. Wright wanted to make works that would serve as a reminder of the area’s history as well as creating links to the future and that imbued seemingly domestic objects with unexpected narratives.

Wright has commented that: ‘I am interested here in the crossover between the personal and the public…in the idea of the souvenir, the collection, the common day object displayed with pride or alternatively ignored in the attic or cupboard… the object passed down from generation to generation that could increase or decrease in value’. In Home Ornaments Wright firmly established the idea of a public artwork as a shared experience, intimately encountered.