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  1. Brian Griffiths. The Kidd, 2012

    Brian Griffiths. The Kidd, 2012

Brian Griffiths

Brian Griffiths views art as a means of escape; a repeated and heroic attempt to leave the here and now and be transported to other places. For Griffiths, conceptual rigor is bound up with processes of making, so that overlooked everyday materials are selected for their potential in opening our ability to access particular and evocative experiences. He uses the histories contained in these objects and materials to enquire into ideas of the flawed and the failed.

The objects chosen are often of a bygone era, once aspirational new commodities now fallen; superseded and obsolete. He uses a stark bluntness to ask the viewer to scrutinize received ideals: his objects often deliberately lack the refinement of ‘good form’. Blown out of all proportion, they are jammed uncomfortably into spaces they do not fit, at once fatuous and melancholic. Aspirational, and yet tragically flawed, Griffiths’ works are charged with humour, discontent and sadness.